Lewis Dick

Personal Projects

Music Rating Website

Built in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery

This project began in summer 2017. My friend came up with the idea of trying out new music and rating it. It started off in a google docs document, but it became apparent that it wasn't a good system when there where a lot of ratings. The site started off incredibly basic with just a single form that users would fill in. As time went on new features were added, and the project grew.

Makes heavy use of the Last.fm api to automate a large amount of data addition. Once data has been pulled from Last.fm it is stored to reduce repeat requests to the last.fm api.

Currently I am working on cleaning up the code and refactoring the database behind it, when the site was first built I was completely new to SQL so it was not properly designed.

4chan Image Scraper

Built in Python

This was just a little project built for the sake of convenience. Originally the tool used the package beautiful soup to parse the html for any given thread, however later I redisgned it to make use of the 4chan API. This provided some performance increases, aswell as cleaning up the code. More recently Threading was used to increase the performance further. However run time will vary based on download speed. This version has not been uploaded to git yet however.

Built in Python

Personal Art Website

Built in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery

This was a personal art website built for my sister to display her artwork. Originally her site was built using the Wix website builder, however I felt that it was inconsistant, took too long to load and did not look professional due to wix advertising placed on the site. The design was based around the original website. While designing I aimed to keep it fairly minimal, to draw attention to the artwork.

It is currently being redesigned in my spare time.

University Projects

The code for these projects have not been uploaded online due to being unsure about University regulations. They may be released at a later point once regulations have been checked.

Pyramid Game Solver

Course - Systems

Built in C

Peg Game

Introduction to Algorithms website

Course - Multimedia & HCI

Built in HTML, CSS, JS/Jquery

The aim of this project was to produce a prototype multi-media application/website focused on some area of the University or Computing Science. The prototype made up 40% of the marks, while the design documentation made up 60% of the marks.

The website can be found below, however the textual content is mostly filler and is currently being worked on. Also some of the algorithm animations are not final, I'm trying to figure out the best way to display some of them.

Phoneme Manager

Course - Managing Informaton

Built in Java

XML Parser

Course - Managing Informaton

Built in Java

The aim of this assignment was to read in a csv file, and output a valid xml file that followed the correct schema. Libraries were allowed, however I decided to do it without one.